Non-degradable sensor for ammonia and environmental control

Resistant against aggressive gases

Thanks to unique technology and novel materials our sensor is fully tolerant against such harmful gases as ammonia.

Small size / less energy consumption

The sensing element can be as small as 1 x 1 cm and weigh a few grams. A couple of AA batteries is enough for several months.

Wireless and IoT connectable

Easy to install and remove when needed for cleaning. Can be connected to the existing IoT / ventilation system.

Technical description

Optical Gas Sensor technology is based on integrated photonics.Long life and stability: there are no electrical parts in the gas sensitive element, so it is 100% immune against chemical degradation of catalyst as well as against electromagnetic interference.Wide selectivity: sensor can be used for both NH3 and CO2 level control. Also other types of cladding can be used for wide selectivity of different VOCs.Power supply: thanks to the sensor is an all-optical type, it has very low power demand. Only the laser source and optical detectors for output measurements consume electricity.Output signal: all standard output options available – 4-20 mA, digital.Response Time: 0.5-1.3 s depending on the gas.

Our team

We are a spin-off from the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia (ISSP UL)

  • Valters Slava - CEO

  • Arturs Bundulis, CTO - senior researcher

  • Edvīns Letko, PhD - researcher

  • Aleksejs Bendins - researcher

Contact us

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Call: +371 28323341